By Marta Tahiri



Bora Kokedhima was born on May 17, 1988 in Fier, Albania, where she finished elementary school. Two years after high school, Bora started to administrate Spekter Magazine as well as Arti I kuzhines Magazine, becoming the first teenager in Albania who laid the foundations of the first technological magazine , KI. At the age of 21 she started to study in Vienna, Austria for Media Communication at Webster University. While studying, she was also studying for fashion design, then going on to fashion design school in Florence, Italy.  On March 23, 2013, Bora created the first “alta moda” clothing brand in Albania, “Savage” and in May 17, 2015 she inaugurated the “SAVAGE” store in Tirana, Albania. On that day Bora presented her first collection “Bipolar”, followed by “ATTITUDE” on December 21, 2015 followed by her final collection for Spring/Summer 2016-2017, “MUSHROOMS”.



“SAVAGE” is specialized in women’s clothing. It produces leather, fur, haute couture and hand-made masterpieces inspired by traditional Albanian style.




The “ATTITUDE” collection is presented by  women with attitude, with careers based on their talents.  “I don’t think that today we need to follow the model of ‘the naked woman’, I think that we need to follow ‘the strong woman’ example.  To tell the truth, we designers are usually ‘accused’ to always  show ‘anorexia’, ‘the perfect body’ kind, that’s why with this collection, I haven’t  brought  ‘the perfect body’ example, but I have brought women’s personalities”, Bora says.



Her ultimate collection is “MUSHROOMS”, a hot and colorful collection, bringing a new meaning of “sexy”.



Bora is the first “alta moda” designer in Albania, and the most fascinating one I would say…Her unique style, her attitude and her “wild ways” in creating clothes, make “SAVAGE” by Bora Kokedhima an accessible brand for women worldwide.

Take a look now on her website http://www.savage.al/  and her Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/savagekokedhima/?hl=en  and let Bora “illuminate” your mind with her wonderful creations.



Edits: Arielle Tipa
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