Green Lipstick Oh My!


By Heather Harzold





Do you struggle with finding the perfect lipstick shade? Have you waded through your massive collection of lip products minutes before you have to leave trying to get one that matches your outfit and makeup? Well now you don’t have to!

Lipstick Queen has got you covered! It’s called Frog Prince, a lipstick that is green in the tube but transforms into a beautiful fairy tale, rosebud pink on the lips. What makes it even better is that it works with PH and your skin tone so it will be unique to each person who wears it. Everyone will have the perfect, most flattering pink for them. The brand also recently launched a matching lip gloss to wear as a topper or alone.

Recently Lipstick Queen has upped their game by creating the Frog Prince cream blush. Working just like the lipstick, it adapts to your skin and turns from green to the most flattering rosy flush. The concept has had Frog Prince flying off the shelves and propelled the popularity of Lipstick Queen. Frog Prince isn’t the only color adapting product in their line. The Hello Sailor lipstick and lip gloss transforms from a blue to a beautiful cool berry shade, and their Mornin’ Sunshine turns gloss turns from a bright yellow to a flattering peachy coral. These are just some of the cool and interesting products the brand has to offer.


Poppy King, the founder of Lipstick Queen, knows how to create lip products that are unique, universally wearable, and appeal to a wide variety of women.

“Nothing is as glamorous or as empowering as lipstick.” -Poppy

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