6 Shoe Trends To Know For Fall

The leaves changing and the days growing shorter are not the only thing that changes once fall comes around. Shoes, a pivotal element of any outfit, change from season to season so we have accumulated a list of the top six trends to look out for when stocking your closet this fall.

Chunky heels seem to have taken the fashion world by storm this year. Shoes with chunky heels can be seen at virtually every fashion week around the globe on a variety of shoes. Far gone are the days of heels that match the shoe, chunky heels with a variety of colors and designs are bigger then ever this autumnal season! These can be seen on shoes of all kinds including boots, platform shoes and even sandals!

Another hot trend this year seems to be slouchy boots. These boots can add a splash of casual to a sophisticated look so they are perfect for causal fridays in the office or for when your significant other plans a special date but wont tell you where you are going!

Loafers are not longer reserved for men and senior citizens! Loafers have been clawing their way back to the top for years and this year is no different. Designers have taken the traditional boring loafer and added bows, embellishments and patterns to give them a fun facelift that will have you stocking your closet with these causal yet classy shoes.

A trend that a lot of celebrities have gotten on board with is clear plastic shoes. Clear plastic has been used on everything from high heels to boots. These shoes can give you the opportunity to show off your impressive sock collection that you have been dying to showcase.

Lastly a look that was huge a few years back saw a huge comeback with year, combat boots! If you are like me and wore the soles out of your combat boots in high school then this will be music to your ears. This years motto seems to be “The chunkier the better” but if you like a smaller heel those are also in style this season.

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