Boutique of the Week: Kate & Hale Shops

Boutiques are rising in popularity recently – everybody wants a cute outfit and unique pieces nobody else has. Kate & Hale Shops give you that “Hey, cute outfit!” moment without breaking the bank. Their style perfectly combines New York City modernity with the easy-going beachy aesthetic of Long Island. Sleek yet simple; the items can easily be mixed and matched to create any look you’re going for.

Another reason we love them? They seem to have it all! Accessories, jewelry, bags, shoes – you name it. Kate & Hale has lots of basic tees and jeans that you can put together with more of their trendier statement pieces.

A lot of women are apprehensive about shopping at boutiques because they have an idea of boutiques having clothing that is too “high-fashion”. Kate & Hale’s merchandise is what you feel comfortable in, from basic to bold. The store layout and shopping enviornment is also comfortable! Cozy, clean and classy.

At Kate & Hale, it’s all in the family – literally. These shops were started by two sisters with just one original location in Huntingon, NY. Since then they have expanded to a Westhampon location and a Port Jefferson location with plans to keep growing!

If you’re not from Long Island, not to worry. You can shop online! Check out their website and Instagram for fashion inspiration as well.

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