Choreographer Breaks Boundaries Through Dance

If you are at all involved in the dance scene then you have undoubtedly heard of, Kyle Hanagami. Hanagami has been taking the dance scene by storm and is currently on faculty at three of the top studios in Los Angeles. Hanagami works at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Movement Lifestyle and Edge Performing Arts Center. Hanagami’s dance style is both intricate and innovative, his videos will keep you entertained for hours with his ability to adapt his dance style to any genre of song.

Dance Spirit Magazine named him “Hollywoods Hottest Up And Coming Choreographer” and his credits include the X-Factor, Sing Your Face Off and Nickelodeon’s How to Rock. Hanagami first started gaining a lot of recognition when he worked as the supervising choreographer for “Move Live On Tour”, starring Derek and Julianne Hough. Since then Hanagami has worked with artists as big as Justin Bieber and the Black Eyed Peas.

Nearly a decade after he began teaching dance, Hanagami now has over 2.3 million Youtube subscribers and even more views. Hanagami is able to craft every move to perfectly fit the song and remain in sync with each beat, it is truly incredible to watch. Watching him perform is like seeing a passion take a tangible form and come to life. It is clear to the eye that this is what he loves to do and wants to be doing. The dancer has stated Adele, Blink 182, Ed Sheeran and James Bay as his inspirations because of the sincerity and truthfulness that they portray in their songs. In his personal style Hanagami is simple and not showy and that reins true for his performances as well. He opts for more everyday looks as opposed to huge costume pieces for two reasons. First off he wants to mirror everyday people so that everyone can relate to his work and secondly he wants the focus to be on the dance and the way that he executes his moves as opposed to a giant headpiece bobbing around or a glittery jacket.

Some of the dancers most popular videos include Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” which has almost eight million views and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” which has over one hundred million views! Hanagami’s dance to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri is especially impressive because the song itself can be slow and a little boring but Hanagami is able to create a dance that is interesting and tells a story. I think that it is harder to create a creative and unique dance to a slower song because there is less beats and overall energy in the song. Another good one is “Fetish” by Selena Gomez because in the beginning of the video Hanagami was able to have such a large number of dancers on point and in sync with one another.

Art is all about expressing yourself through a medium, with this definition in mind it is easy to see that dance is an art. Every time Hanagami choreographs a dance or dances himself he is expressing the emotions that he felt while listening to that particular song. Through both choreography and facial expressions a dancer is able to tell the audience an entire story, if thats not art then I don’t know what is.

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