Codependency is it really love?

Codependency is it really love?

Caitlin Santomauro

Have you ever been so “in love”with someone that you truly felt your world would crumble down around you if they left you?

Did you think that the intense borderline crazy feelings,was just passionate love? Or, did you ever stop to think that you may be in a unhealthy codependent relationship?

People who are codependent often form relationships that are wither on sided or the relationship is emotionally destructive and abusive. Codependency is often considered a mental disorder; the definition of a disorder is a state of confusion that disturbs the regular functions of something or someone so I absolutely agree with this.

In healthy relationships, both partners are treated with respect, and affection. They make sure that both of there needs are met and help each other out. With this being said, a individual who is codependent will always place the other persons needs before his/her own. This includes health, welfare, safety, emotions etc.Living this way can cause the codependent party to lose there identity and there sense of self.

This disorder can occur in a number of relationships including family, friends and romantic partners. Experts say that codependent relationships are a behavior pattern where you find yourself dependent on the approval of another for self worth and identity. A key sign of being co dependent is when you make your whole purpose in life there life.other signs can be clinginess, disatification, and when your mental, emotional and physical health is in jeopardy.

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