Designer: Daniel Silverstein

Daniel Silverstein

By: Aleta Love

Daniel Silverstein from “Fashion Star” who was one of contestants in Season 2 of the NBC reality competition series is the next hot designer to watch.



The Brooklyn-based designer who was the youngest in the competition , currently serves as creative director for the “zero-waste” fashion label. He created the label in 2010 which also operates in NY. Zero waste is a ECO Friendly line, which uses all material for his designs. The goal is trying to keep wasting fabrics and materials to a minimum so all fabrics are used and put together to make a piece.

 Not only making a big splash on TV, he graduated with honors at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology, Daniel Silverstein has previously worked with, Republic Clothing Group, Swimwear Anywhere Inc., Carolina Herrera, Carmen Marc Valvo and Victoria’s Secret.

His label has been seen in boutiques and specialty stores around the world, most recently in and his current website . Currently he’s launching the first wedding collection exclusively at Schone Bride Shop, in Brooklyn, New York.

  Entertainers such as Jennifer Hudson, Yolanda Ross, Yael Stone, Alysia Reiner, Kristen Bell and more have been seen at red carpet events and on magazine covers across the US and around the world in Daniel’s collection. After starting his collection in 2010, Daniel gained the attention of both the buyers and the audience when he was a contestant on Fashion Star in Spring, 2013.  

Silverstein’s ECO friendly fashion techniques is something that he is passionate about and he is spreading the word.  He has given numerous interviews and lectures about his Zero Waste Design techniques. Recently Seen in  MSNBC Shift  and ABC News 7 ,Silverstein is committed to promoting responsible designing by the fashion industry while demanding quality designs and products from his  exotic collection.  

 His interest is helping make social and environmental change in the fashion industry, Daniel has donated his time and pieces from his collection to help raise funds for community programs such as Dress for Success and Jersey Battered Women’s Service. He is currently volunteering at The Fashion Industry of Technology as a guest critic offering advice and internships to aspiring designers. Mentoring them with his techniques in a zero waste environment.  He currently is offering a series of Zero Waste Design workshops in the New York area.

Zero Waste Design

 To describe into detail more about zero waste design, it’s focused on pollution that is a growing problem in the fashion industry.  The Council for Textile Recycling says that more than 70 pounds of textiles per US Citizen are going in to landfills annually, that calculates into over 21 BILLION pounds this year alone. At the studio, fabric waste is kept to zero. Pattern making techniques, embellishments and fabrics are one hundred percent used. All pieces of the textile goods and materials that are brought into the studio are used.

Daniel has mastered the process of large and small scale production without textile byproducts being brought to landfill, a process he is now bringing to projects for Manufacture New York. Another change he has made to make a difference is relocating his studio to the Sunset Park hub and offering consult to a variety of their client’s domestic manufacturing projects. He’s looking to help other designers who also wants to design in a Zero waste way.

Zero waste is the goal of both the garments and the studio. The use of recycled and recyclable materials doesn’t stop at fabrics but also the office to Shipping, packaging and office materials as well as a zero waste mindset in every day company life, eliminating trash wherever possible. They are constantly improving the process remaining conscious and aware of places to make change. 

Designs With Silverstein

The designs are a mixture of different patterns and embellishments.  Colorful and tasteful prints coupled together to make charming outfits. His designs are wearable for outside the runway. It’s more of a formal look so if your going to a formal dinner or a special event there is a great selection to choose from. There are also a variety of edgy pieces for a woman who wants to stand out.

Find more of his designs at his website  and for the latest upcoming collection.

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