How One Woman Turned Her Label Into A Mission For The Earth

As we progress across years & decades & as our world becomes more connected than ever, it becomes more apparent that there are many social & environmental issues that are direct outcomes of the fashion industry & excess consumerism.” – Jacky Stickler, Founder & CEO of sticks + stone

Letting the mind wander is the key to any creative feat, but letting it roam free without borders or limitations harbors infinite possibilities. Jacky Stickler effortlessly transports herself to an untapped paradise with her brand, sticks + stone – a Queensland-based label with a heart and soul of its own. With an eco-conscious philosophy, sticks + stone is a brand that is as fashionable as it is sustainable. “Our team gets great satisfaction out of making conscious decisions that will have long lasting positive impacts”, says Stickler, who oversees a talented and ethical staff of women who share her vision in casual luxury, and most importantly “who love the work that they are doing and prospering in a positive environment.”

Sticks + stone originates from Stickler’s “ love for the outdoors & affinity with the environment at an early age,” and whose aim is to “inspire women to look & feel their best & to use their positive energies for good.” The debut collection from sticks + stone, “The Voyager”, includes both casual and formal pieces, and which, according to Stickler, “materialize ideas of social and environmental consciousness. Simple silhouettes, crafted ethically with sustainable materials to create timeless quality pieces.” Such gentle timelessness is seen in their organic cotton dresses, tops, and pants.

Despite Stickler’s gorgeous array of environmentally conscious casual and dress wear, the question still remains on if she will branch out into accessories. “We’d love to work on some collaborations with other sustainable accessories designers!”, Stickler told me. “sticks + stone are firm believers in bringing different skill sets together. The potential to create something of distinct & immense beauty via collaboration is unique & exciting.”

“It’s so wonderful to work with beautiful, environmentally-friendly fabrics that have been farmed, harvested, and spun consciously with love and care”, Stickler told me when I asked her what the best part about being an ethical and sustainable brand is. “You can literally feel it in the finished product!”

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