Lucian Matis – Canadian Fashion Designer

As soon as Lucian Matis stepped foot in Canada in 1999 he knew that this would be his forever home. He launched his self-titled label in 2007 and has not stopped creating and growing since. In 2016 he rose to fame when the Prime Minister of Canada’s wife, Sophie Gréguire, wore two of his dresses on a visit to the White House. Although Matis knew that she was planning on wearing his designs he never imagined that he would rise to fame as quickly as he did. By wearing a Canadian designer Gréguire is helping to bring attention to the type of talent that is in Canada just waiting to be discovered. The gowns that Gréguire chose to wear are not custom and can be purchased at Matis’ website.

Before moving to Canada, Matis and his mother lived in Romania where his mother owned a tailor shop. It was at his mothers shop where he grew his passion and perfected his craft. His mother began teaching him skills when he was just a child and helped him land his first clients, his high school teachers! He was even able to get out of going to classes if that meant he would have their dresses done by the night. He says that the time he spent in his mothers shop allowed him to really learn and understand women and the female form. His understanding of women and their form helps him land most of his clients because he is able to pinpoint what looks good on certain body types. When a designer is able to tell with one look at you what would look good on you why wouldn’t you go to him for all your special events?

Matias’ first job in Canada was at a custom bridal shop called “A Custom Fair”. Other jobs that he worked before developing his own line full time include a buyer for a fashion label and a creative fashion director. All of his experiences in the different branches of the industry helps him to understand the fashion world as a whole instead of just looking at it from a designers point of view.

The Canadian designers line, “Matias”, prides itself on being both affordable and versatile in order to accommodate all types of business women. The carry not only dresses but also casual and dress tops as well as suiting. Their sizes range from extra small to extra large so as to suit all body types, they work hard to make sure that all of their customers are satisfied and comfortable in their clothes. Their line is unique in the way that they are able to pull off sexy looks that are also conservative and sophisticated. Matias begins his design process by thinking about what type of emotions that he wants to provoke with the piece, he builds off of these initial ideas in order to create his pieces. The fashionista tries to use mainly natural fibers in his line such as rayon and silk. His original teacher and source of inspiration, his mother, works in the studio along side him every day helping him develop and execute his designs.
His Spring/Summer 2017 collection is the perfect mix of casual business woman and free spirit. He utilizes a lot of different colors and patterns in his designs in order to evoke positive emotions. The gowns from this collection really stand out to me because of their unique patterns and colors but also their striking elegance. It is clear to see why the Prime Minister’s wife chose not just one but two of his gowns to wear to the White House.

Matias’ designs can be purchased in stores around the world including in Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Kuwait and Bahrain.

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