Nostalgia, Circa 1990s

Maybe this freshly graduated generation just wants to relive the good ol’ days of naptime and swing sets, but 1990’s trends are here to stay. The comfort food of fashion- velvet mixed with cotton tee’s, chunky heels, fanny packs, oversized sportswear- can be found in virtually any store from Target to Gucci.

We used to swear always to wear different textures, and yet here we are, denim on denim on denim.

Think you need to buy those ankle socks that fall down two minutes from your front door? Think again, because knee high socks and sandals are a versatile choice for any season.

And just for fun, throw some patches on your jacket and a pair of grandma glasses in your hologram bag

The 1990s taught us that anything goes in fashion. Chances are, if you combine the staple items from your closet, they will create an easy and fashionable outfit every time. There is no pressure to buy new garments. In fact, grabbing the clothes stored in your attic or basement allows you to express the trend on a personal level. A compliment or a question about a reused piece is an instant conversation starter, because it gives the wearer the chance to talk about something she is passionate about. Vintage pieces connect the wearer to the previous owner, whether it be a family member or a friend, enhancing a precious bond. It could also be a chance to reflect, if the piece comes from a thrift shop. Asking who the donator was, why the piece was given away, and what experiences had that piece been through humbles the wearer and makes the article of clothing invaluable.

Of course, sometimes you need a little retail therapy. Take the vintage to 2017 with brown liquid lipstick, platform sneakers, or an ear cuff.

These trends are lovable because they’re so familiar. Looking at them feels like coming home. In a world that can be daunting, these trends keep us in touch with our inner child, reminding us to have some fun.

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