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The shoe company, Pony, has been creating a lot of buzz lately with their reinterpretations of classic sneaker styles and designs. The letters in their name Pony, stand for “Products Of New York”.

When Roberto Muller established Pony on Madison Avenue in New York in 1972 he never imagined that it would become on of the top athletic brands around the globe. Originally Pony was known for producing athletic footwear but the company has now expanded to include sports clothing and street wear.

After being on the fashion scene for less then a decade Pony’s sales volume had reached over $800 million in the United States alone in the early 1980s. Championship athletes have worn Pony in just about every major sport including the World Cup, the Super Bowl, the World Series and the NBA Finals. Following their 40th anniversary in 2013, Pony launched a series of collaborations with retailers and designers including DKNY, Colette, Art comes first, Smiley, Rothco, Mark McNairy and a premium “Product of New York” collection in collaboration with Barney’s.

Nowadays they carry a few selections of shoes on the website that are continuously swapped out for different styles. On their site now they are three different shoe designs, they all come in both men and women. My favorite are the “Top Star White”, they are a simple white shoe with a streamlined shape on the side. The stripe comes in three different colors that you can chose from including black, royal and white. I personally love all three and for the low price of $60 theres no reason why you cant have them all! They are a modern take on the 1975 classic sneaker and will definitely add a retro vibe to any look. They are causal so can be worn with jeans but would even look cute with an edgy dress paired with a leather jacket. Along with this pair they also have a “Top Star Hi White” which are pretty much the same as the other except they have a higher top, these are even more reminiscent of past styles and highlight Pony’s heritage. The design on these also come in all three colors and the price is just five dollars higher , $65. The last shoe that they are currently carrying online is the “Top Star Canvas”. Honestly when I first saw these they looked yellowed and a bit old to me so I was not impressed but after further observation I discovered that they are meant to be off-white. If you are like me and off-white is not your thing then they also come in navy and black! These shoes would be great for someone who likes to have one pair of shoes for their everyday activities because they only cost $65 and will match everything.

Something that I found interesting is that the company’s archives are available online and you can see the evolution of sneakers that they have created throughout their entire history. Looking at some of their older designs it is easy to see why they are considered trailblazers in the foot wear industry because most of their designs are still incorporated in shoe designs today.

Despite their growing popularity Pony has kept their prices extremely low, even in comparison to bigger brands such as Nike and Adidas, so if you are looking for a pair of sneakers why not check out their website and support a brand that got their start in New York!

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