South Korean Fashion Designer Makes A Statement

Hee Jin Kim, known as Kimmy, has been taking the South Korean fashion world by storm since establishing her like “Kimmy J”. Kimmy J is a monochrome womens line that is comprised of black, punk-inspired separates. Some of her more famous pieces include mini skirts and pleather tops. In her fall 2017 collection she experimented with colors a bit more then usual and mixed some bright colors in with her usual black. The pieces featured ranged from preppy to goth, there was literally something for everyone.

Kimmy attended Yonsei University where she studied integrated design. After graduating in 2009, she worked as an interior designer but quickly decided that wasn’t for her when she felt that her creativity and ideas were being stifled. She moved onto fashion where she was able to express herself more and have more freedom.

This designer doubles over as an activist and uses her art to express her feelings. Kimmy has always had trouble putting her feelings into words so she looks to art as a release and form of therapy. She is very much in touch with the world around us and uses changes in society as inspiration for new designs. Kimmy has stated that the power of sympathy lies in peoples reaction to visual outlets. She hopes to evoke emotions in people through her art and that is why she does not let any designs go to production unless she is completely happy with it. All of her pieces hold a message and she always starts her design process with the message that she wants to portray. She develops her line around these messages, this is not the easiest approach to take when desgining clothes so these messages

must be important to her. It is always refreshing when someone uses their position in society to promote change and good, personally it makes her line just that much better to me knowing that there is a bigger purpose behind it.

The native of South Korea, is not afraid to step out of the lines drawn by society and designs clothes for the new age generation that sees the same vision as her. Her latest collection “Dumpster” was inspired by a dream she had of a man carrying bags of garbage. This collection features 90’s inspired brightly hued pieces with synthetic leather jackets and oversized faux fur coats. The colors in this collection included black, purple and neon greens. A far cry from where Kimmy started out with only dark colors. This line was sold in stores across London, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul and Japan. Although it was carried in mainly countries Kimmy J having some exposure in a place like London is great for the company and hopefully the start of South Korean designers getting the international acclaim that they deserve.

Her line has developed nicely over the years and has only gotten better with her including more dramatic colors and experimenting with new design techniques. Kimmy focuses on creating detailed pieces that don’t sacrifice the creativity and individuality of both the piece and the person wearing it. Kimmy  has seem to found the right balance between casual but sexy with her street wear line that features classic but sophisticated items.

Kimmy’s line was shown in this years New York Fashion Week and featured a lot of lavender type purples that really stands out to me. Coming from someone who doesn’t exactly love purple, this tone that they chose really stands out on the line and draws my attention. The white jacket with he green stripes is also the perfect mix of causal yet fashionable. It would be perfect for a night out or even a casual office environment.

This designer and activist will continue to grow her brand and spread her ideas because of her ability and willingness to adapt to the changing world.

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