Strut Your Stuff: How Heels Will Elevate Your Confidence

At a young age, most girls play dress up with plastic princess heels or even with a pair they sneak away from mom. That pitter-patter you hear coming down the hallway at school from your teacher’s peep-toe pumps. I always had an idea in my head that that’s what adults do; wear heels! Even watching typical teen dramas growing up, the girls in the shows always seemed to be dressed to the nines just to go to class – when in reality, high school was filled with a whole ‘lot of sweat pants and moccasins.

Now, as an adult, I picture myself running down the streets of New York City in 4-inch stilettos like the women in Sex and the City. But, expectations don’t always match up with reality. Let’s be honest, heels HURT. Your toes are pinched to the sides, your arch is completely unnatural, and your walk is a little wobbly. What you can’t deny though? They look great.

Maybe you’re a little wobbly and can’t walk as fast in them, but maybe that’s a good thing. Heels force you to stand taller, and walk slower which will command attention. They also help create an optical illusion in a way in viewing your body. Pointed toe heels elongate your body and make you look thinner while higher shoes, obviously, make you seem taller and accentuate your calf muscles.


Maybe it isn’t quite practical to wear them every day, but next date night skip the flats and go for the strappy stiletto. Big meeting or presentation? Even a low heel will make you feel like you’re standing just a little taller (both figuratively and literally). Wedding season? Rock the highest heel you have and feel like a million bucks. Think of it as playing dress up again as a kid, except this time trading in Cinderella shoes for Jimmy Choo’s.

Shoes are the anchor to an outfit, so why not have that anchor make you feel like an authoritative fashionista? If you can walk in heels, you can do anything. Not saying to toss the flip flops, flats, and Nike’s aside; but next time you need to dress up don’t dread the heels – embrace it!

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