The Bomber Jacket is the BOMB this fall!

The Bomber Jacket is the BOMB this fall!

Sarah Mayo

This WWII inspired jacket is making a big comeback, and it’s the perfect look for the fall! This trend crept in from the suburbs and it’s finally making its big debut in the city! Of course these aren’t the bomber that your mom used to wear back in high school. These bombers have the perfect modern twist that make it fit perfectly into anyone’s wardrobe.

Even the celebs are rocking the bomber! The Bomber Jacket is great for a night on the town or keeping warm on those chilly weather days. If you’re not looking for a full on Bomber look, there are also jackets that just have elements of the bomber! Either way there is no denying that the Bomber is the trend of the season.


Off-The Shoulder Bomber Jacket by Boutique $160

(This jacket has a very chic and sexy feel, all eye will definitely be on you when you strut down the streets in this bad boy.)


Badged MA1 Bomber Jacket $110

(This look is very World War II thanks to the embellished patches which are an eye popping red that compliments the subtle green.)


Bomber Jacket by TFNC $200 available at TopShop(The flower embroidery brings a new spin to this trend. It’s a fun way to bring life to your wardrobe.)


Lightweight Bomber Jacket $75.00

(This jacket has the look and feel of millitary overtones while keeping the Bomber Jacket collar in a high fashion statement.)

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