The Sheet Mask is No Substitute

Sheet masks make you feel great. They’re quick, they’re easy, there’s no mess. The producers claim to have something for everyone, from brightening pearls to purifying red wine But here’s the thing- they are only skin deep.

Literally. Sheet masks can alleviate the symptoms of your skin troubles, but they can’t solve your problems altogether. The product isn’t strong enough to function as a permanent solution, since it’s meant to cling to the sheet’s fabric, be washed off in a dozen minutes, and last on a shelf. Sheet masks also fail to be cost effective. Drugstore versions, usually between $2 and $10, add up quickly if you plan to use a new one every other day. Let’s not even discuss the $170 single-use mask that can be found at the popular makeup/skincare chain Sephora.

Sheet masks are perfect if you need immediate radiance. Using them before your makeup routine for a big event will take your mind off those areas you might usually try to hide, boosting your confidence and letting you truly enjoy your time.

Still, dry skin, oily skin, rosacea, acne? The solution for these issues is found with a regular skincare routine, dutifully executed, and perhaps under the consultation of a dermatologist. Sheet masks simply cannot substitute adequate care and attention to your body.


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