This Season’s Hottest Hats

Hats seem to have been on the top of designers minds this year. Many high-fashion labels incorporated hats into their Winter lines this past show season. The best thing about hats are that everyone can see them even when you are all bundled up so the right hat can add the perfect wow factor to your winter look!

At the forefront of the trend are beanies. Beanies seem to always remain popular but these past few years there has been spike in beanies being used in high fashion lines. Beanies are a great addition to any outfit because they are soft and comfortable while also being street-style chic that can add a bit of edge to your look. They come in just about every color and pattern that you can imagine so there is literally one for everyone! These caps are great for bad hair days or days when you don’t have time to fight with your blow dryer because they look best when your hair is a little wild or messy!

Baseball caps, or dad hats as they are now being called, have made a huge comeback in the past two years. These rose to popularity when rappers and models started including these in their everyday, street style. These caps are similar to beanies in the sense that they come in every color and pattern. They look great with both messy/crazy hair as well as straight hair. Dad hats are great for those sunny, cold days spent at sporting events cheering on your little brother or days spent outside hiking in the crisp fall weather! My favorite dad hats are made by Nike and Adidas because they are comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time and are thick enough that they keep the top of your head warm!

The third most popular hat trend this season is the traditional winter cap with a large pom-pom on top. These hats add a fun, youthful look to your outfit. Everyone should have a hat with a pom-pom for snow days spent outside or when you have to brave the cold because they will undeniably keep you warmer then any other hat. These hats are made with a bunch of different fabrics but my favorite are the knit/crochet hats because they are the heaviest and will keep your ears toasty warm! A lot of models rock these hats during the colder winter days and they were featured on a lot of runways around the world. A company called “Love Your Melon” carries a line of really cute hats and they donate a portion of their proceeds to the fight against pediatric cancer. So you will not only be keeping your head warm but also helping children in need when you buy one of their hats!

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