Trendy Hats for the 2016 Summer Season

hatTrendy Hats
for the 2016 Summer Season

By Ana Ionita

In the 50s it was customary, as well as respectful, to always wear a hat outdoors. Nowadays, if we look around, we can see that just like in the past, a trendy hat is a key accessory to top off our style.

Headwear is actually a very practical element, especially when it’s too cold or too warm outside, isn’t it? But the truth is that, besides checking the forecast, many ladies also check the latest fashion trends before wearing a hat. Well, women love fashion and they definitely want to look over the best hats and accessories for 2016 summer season before wearing one. So, here they are!shopping

The Best Adventures Begin with a Wide Brimmed Hat

The truth is that head accessories are a must-have this summer, and if you want your free spirit to be noticed, there is no better choice than a chic brimmed hat. What kind of brimmed hat? Well, you can go for a mahogany one, with a ribbon wrapped around, or you can be wilder and choose yellow instead. Just make sure you wear the widest, brimmed hat you can find!


Relax, Sunbathe and Wear a Straw Hat

You can’t possibly think about summer, and holiday without imagining yourself wearing a chic straw hat. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about an everyday fedora or a Coachella cowboy; summer cannot begin if you don’t have the perfect straw hat! How to choose “the one”? Well, wear whatever screams, “Cab, here I come!”


Make a Statement without Saying a Word: Wear a Boater Hat!

Made of straw with a ribbon wrapped around, the stylish boater hat not only keeps the sun away from your beautiful skin, but it also offers the stylish, elegant touch any casual outfit needs.


Feeling Comfy and Stylish with the Trendy Baseball Cap

Though it started as part of the traditional baseball uniform, the cap is now included in many casual outfits.

Not only does it offer comfort and protection, but the baseball cap is also a popular manner of embellishing your look, this summer.


Everyone Should Own a Classic Panama Hat

Just like the classic pair of jeans every lady should have, the Panama hat is something you must add to your wardrobe. Not only is this hat fashionable and tasteful, but it is also very easy to match.  This means that you don’t have to be a fashionista to create the perfect outfit around it!


Stay Classy and Wear a Headscarf this Summer

You can’t wear a hat daily, but you still need to protect you hair during the entire sunny season, don’t you? Whether you choose to tie it under the chin like in the 50s or you prefer styling it as a turban, a headscarf is always a good choice.

Protecting your skin from harmful rays, as well as shielding your eyes and hair are necessary during the summer days. Fortunately, hats and accessories are not only practical but also chic and fashionable. So, if you are not doing that already, it’s time to begin experimenting with headwear!

1. French Connection Wide Brimmed Natural Fedora Hat  $41.00,  2. Eddie Bauer Women’s Packable Straw Hat $28.00, 3. BDG Felt Boater Hat $42.00 4. Faux Suede Baseball Cap in Navy $16.95 5. August Accessories Panama Hat $64.00 6. Bohemian Scarf Head Scarf $23.00

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